Resources and Information for Students and Families

Welcome to our connections page. Here you will find links to teacher blogs and online platforms during this extended time away from school.

PYP Connections

Kindergarten Mrs. Comella

Grade One Ms. Coley

Grade Two Ms. English

Grade Two Mrs.Humphrey

Grade Four Ms. Johnson

K-2 Miss Sonby

MYP Connections

Sciences Anna Meyer

Mathematics Kathy Taylor

7th Grade Spanish

8th Grade Spanish

Individuals and Societies Mr. Herron

From Mrs. Arens

Several people have reached out about coding from home, I am going to share your class codes, most of the students should remember their login picture and they will just need the class code. Students can also make their own account on if they want. Contact Mrs. Arens with any questions.

Lestock – gsxrkb
Humphrey – yzplqg
English – qbtmgg
Morris – zylzjh

Webb – mqzthw
Kovacs – vljvwb
McCafferty – gftjpl
McCarthy – xwythc

Johnson – srdsgj
Hawley – cdbrxn
Bubbett – smwzqz
Outrich – ptygft

Nasca – cjdtgm
Guardado – pcmqhq
Glickman – gggvqd or fbbpth
Kirby – srdsgj