Living the Learner profile and developing BALANCE at CIS. We collaborated and learned a lot this week. We also spent time celebrating the Lunar New Year and had some fun supporting the CSU Women’s Basketball Team.

We understand the importance of balancing different aspects of our lives- intellectual, physical and emotional-to achieve well-being for ourselves and others. We recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.


This wall of emojis is a great place to start considering balance.

This emoji art provides a space for viewers to appreciate and reflect on emotional well-being along with creativity.

Play Practice

Third graders practice for their play together. The Arts provide opportunities for balance and expression. We also see interdependence at work with each performer, director, set designer and stage manager depending on one another.

Our Intellectual Lives

Connecting to background knowledge and analyzing the central idea in Grade 3.

Grade Three thinkers explore How we Organize Ourselves with the central idea:

Economic choices and decision play a role in the marketplace

Exploring the Marketplace and economics as we recognize our interdependence with other people and with the world in which we live.

More economics and interdependence in Grade 5.

Specialization leads to interdependence within communities.

Exploring specialization develops understanding of our connected world.

Where We Are in Place and Time in Grade 4

Exploring migration, movement and our interconnectedness in our world as well as our connection to history.

Language connects us

Grade Four readers and writers connect themes and concepts and explore our intellectual and emotional lives through literature.

Analyzing literature with a focus on concepts.
Grade Four writers Show don’t tell.
Grade three thinkers explore and make connections to the life and words of Martin Luther King Jr.

Service, Action and Balance

Our second group of Eighth graders are working on Community Project and helping pack lunches for a field trip while providing some reusable bags- More to come with recycling and reusing in the cafe.
Grade three creating plans to spread kindness and some Grade 8 Art students inviting others to join the effort to save animal lives in Australia.
Our Mandarin staff provides dumplings to celebrate Chinese New Year. Spring Festival celebrations will continue over the next few weeks.

CIS cheering on CSU

Mr. Morris and Mr. Gerber got a chance to show their skills on the court as students showed their dance skills.
Our Dance team performed and future dancers in Grade One practiced in the stands. We all did the YMCA.
Showing our support with signs.
The choir performed and we all had great time supporting the home team and cheering them to victory. GO VIKINGS!!!

Say it with a shirt

Students send a message with their shirt. Science is real and the periodic table of school.
Thinkers and action takers!

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