Celebrating the Earth with creativity and caring

We celebrated Earth Day and our creativity this week in many ways. Our Campus International community continues total action, care for each other and build connections.

Learning and sharing from home

CIS students bake and make and drop off treats to make someone’s day!
More caring and creativity thanking first responders and front liners and delivering food to lend a hand.
Grade Five learners share their thinking and creativity.
Experiments, games and creativity from home.
Online Scavenger Hunts are fun for everyone.
More creativity with pop- up cards, butterfly art and a creative Earth Day message.

Celebrating the Earth in many ways.

Grade 3 thinking about the Earth and sorting bumper stickers with a message.

More messages to save the Earth.
Exploring ecosystems and the importance of water.

Poems for the Earth and Earth Day activities

Cleaning up, planting and caring for bees.

End of week reflections.

We are always reflecting.

More ways to help in Campus District

Mask the District

Help ‘Mask the District’, an initiative to give face masks to all individuals experiencing homelessness in the Campus District! This is a joint project between Campus District and Across the Lines Art Studio to keep individuals experiencing homelessness safe. In six easy steps, we are transforming medium and large t-shirts into face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This no-sew method allows anyone with a t-shirt to make two masks for someone experiencing housing insecurity.  

There are two ways to get involved! Volunteers can either donate medium or large t-shirts, or they can follow the steps below to make and donate masks. To execute social distancing guidelines, please contact Morgan Clark (mclark@campusdistrict.org) or Jane Finley (AcrossthelinesCle@gmail.com) for pickup of any and all donations.  

More information and directions for masks here.

For more ways to show your spirit and creativity participate in Ohio Spirit Week. Especially show your CIS love on Thursday.

Looking for something to do this week. Check out this golf video form First Tee. It features a special Guest:) See below for game directions.