Inquiring, learning and getting outside

The Campus community continues to inquire and learn in new and engaging ways. Our homes and the world have become ours classrooms as we learn and grow. The weather is also getting nicer and we have many more opportunities to explore and learn in the natural world.

Science at home with Mrs. Arens.

Mrs. Arens has tons of cool Science activities posted on the Essentials padlet. Get outside and do this cool scavenger hunt.

Experiments at home from one of our third graders.
Our learners are reading all genres and playing BINGO. They also keep track of the weather.
Explorers respond to virtual feed trips.
Investigators continue to explore then and now in Cleveland.
Creating habitats and reflecting on what is important.

CIS Virtual Olympics

Mr. Albright is hosting our first Virtual School Olympics. Click here to find out how to participate.

Check out these participants in Mr. Albright’s Virtual Olympics.

Time to get outside

Exploring outside with a mini Mrs. Hill.
Its a great time to get your background garden started.
Notice in nature. Look for changes after rain and storms and observe all the green that is starting to appear. This one is called a Jack in the Pulpit. Why is that the perfect name?
Explore the outdoors with a furry friend:)

Take Action

Completing the 2020 Census is so important to our community. If you haven’t yet, please complete the census here. Encourage others to complete the 2020 Census by creating a video for this district initiative. See details here.