Communication and Character

Communication Skills are a part of the IB Approaches to Learning. Communication includes the exchange of information through listening, speaking and interpreting, as well as reading and writing.

We showed our enthusiasm for our CIS champion Soccer Team.

Back to the 1990’s in MYP

Showing off our 90’s style.
So much creativity and communication in MYP

Our Book Character day was awesome.

So many costumes and characters communicating and living the Learner Profile.

Kindergarten costumes.
Pumpkin characters.

Sharing chaarcters, stories and books. We received a couple donations to add to our library and one of our 5th graders shared the book she wrote.

These characters gave us so many ideas of new books to read.

Thinking about charter and providing evidence. These characters live the learner profile.

We also welcomed the Book Fair and found more books to read.

Writing and researching in Grade One.

These students are living the learner profile answer recognized as Communicators.

Celebrating and Communicating in MYP