Communication, action and change

Change is a key concept in MYP and PYP. We understand that change is the process of movement from one state to another. It is universal and inevitable.

How the World works in Kindergarten and Grade One

Grade One researchers observing and investigating.

These researchers are making popcorn and observing properties and change,
Investigating and observing leaves and recording their thinking and observations.
Fall is full of many changes.
Exploring concepts and their connection to nature.

Grade Five writers communicate the changes and beauty of Fall in their writing.

Grade One ACTION

Grade one keeps balanced by enjoying a treat and they love one local ice cream shop. They wrote Mason’s Creamery to show their appreciation and Mason’s let them create their own flavor.
Many families stopped in to try the flavor they created and everyone spread the message to spend money at local businesses.

Communicating connections

These kindergarten artists drew portraits of themselves and used string to show they are connected as a class.

Creating art together.

Grade 5 artistes are collaborating to create a beautiful mural.

These Grade One communicators know what communication is and busy living the learner profile.

Mrs. Pohl announced the Disney musical this year…. FROZEN

Grades Three and Four were excited for the big reveal.

More Communication in Grade 5. Researching and practicing the characteristics of a good communicator.

At CIS we communicate with kindness and with style.