Thinking it Through

We use critical and creative thinking skills to analyse and take responsible action on complex problems. We exercise initiative in making reasoned, ethical decisions.

Learners and thinkers around the school work together to analyze and act.

Community Project in Grade 8: taking responsible action.

More work with Campus District and neighbors at Norma Herr to create a mural that represents our community. Each symbol has meaning for the artists and those who will view it.
Grade Three learners enjoyed some healthy snacks and explored the importance of healthy eating.

Planning for action in Grade 5

Grade 5 thinkers start to prepare for Exhibition brainstorming personal, local and global action.

Thinking and recording

Grade six researchers record and report information on minerals.
Garde One gets connected around the country and around the world through cards and postcards. They use their thinking skills too find out more.
More evidence of thinking in Grade One as they show what they learned about How the World Works.

Exploring biographies to celebrate Black History month.

Sharing knowledge and making connections in Grade One.

Grade 5 Makes their thinking visible.

Thinking about economics and exploring how to make reasoned, ethical economic decisions.
Students think critically and creatively to share knowledge connecting and asking questions.
Looking at Civilizations and thinking critically while considering multiple perspectives and connections

Thinking and Reading together

Second graders and kindergarteners share their thinking through reading and writing.
More reading and writing together.

Working together

Learning through play and creating plays with puppet theatre.