First Week Fun

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year. We are excited to be back and are ready to learn and grow. Our theme for the year is Dream Big. We are spending these first few weeks exploring our dreams.

Grade Four thinkers share their dreams for the year.
Big Hopes and Dreams in Grade Three. These dreams include coding, creativity and learning science.

Say it with a shirt

We follow our dreams … we never quit and know that knowledge is power.

Community and Connection

MYP thinkers Identify values and celebrate who they are as individuals and groups and how we work together.
Classroom meetings build community across the school and help us work towards our dreams.
We can solve problems in our class meetings. Third Grade thinks of ways to help locker time be more peaceful and efficient.
Expressing who we are with writhing and self- portraits.
Creating avatars in Grade 4 and working together.
MYP Identity Maps.

The Power of Play

Start the day with play in Grade One.
Solving problems and working together own PYP and a window to writing in MYP. We dream big in creative ways.
MYP Maths. We are are all mathematicians- learning, thinking and growing.

Safety Squad

Thanks to Mr. Mathis and these MYP students for keeping us safe in the morning.

CIS Reads

MYP readers lost in their books. We use the last 20 minutes everyday to read.