How we express ourselves

Inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic

We express ourselves in so many ways at CIS. Expression, creativity and action are important parts of every one of our days.

Celebrating Caring Kids

We express our beliefs and values each day and we value a caring community.

Families joined us for lunch to recognize these caring kids.
These 3rd graders are described by peers and teachers with the following comments: Inclusive, helpful and kind ~ they regularly show empathy, compassion and respect~ they check in on others to make sure they are ok.
So many caring people at CIS. These students were described as respecting everyone, always trying to help others, communicating kindly and being a good friend.

We read every day at CIS!

We are taking the last 20 minutes of each to spend some time reading. Check out all these readers. We enjoy our own creativity and the creativity of others.

Everyone is reading across the school. These MYP and PYP readers are using every spare minute to read.
These readers are lost in their books.
Independent reading time builds empathy and understanding, Reading also develops our appreciation
of the aesthetic.

We express ourselves on a fun, fabulous Friday!

Getting creative with these healthy popsicles and some lunchtime dancing.
Sharing a smoothie to celebrate birthdays and a traditional Greek cake with a surprise coin hidden inside. The person who finds the coin has luck all year. Thank you to our families for sharing traditions and culture with our community.
Working independently in groups as we practice and learn.

Expression and Action

These creative posters from our Grade 5 students explore responsibility and perspective as they share what they learned about environmental activist Vanessa Nakate.

More creativity in Grade 5, sharing ways to save the planet and change the world.

Each PYP unit has a big idea called the central idea. In Grade 5 they explored the idea that: Relationships happen interdependently in systems. They share what they learn in a creative way.

Creative Kindergartners

These artists are making “Wild Things” after reading Where the Wild Things Are.

Surveys are a great way to express ideas, values and feelings.

Grade One surveys provide interesting findings.
More surveys in MYP Maths with a focus win statistics and analysis. We can express so much information with mathematics.

The Inquiry Cycle and the Scientific Method

We explore, inquire and find out using process the inquiry process and the scientific method. These representations of the process help us learn.

Investigating and sharing information

Investigating Arctic animals in kindergarten.
Snow investigations as we think about how the world works.

Celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Kindergarten reflections leading to expression and action

CIS at the Monsters game performing with the Rainey Institute

Remember ~CIS READS

We are building a community of readers at CIS. We read every day. We read to learn, to answer questions and to explore new perspectives. Pick up a book. What are you reading ? Check out these readers and books below and spend some time on a snowy and cold day with a good book!