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Projects and performances

We are readers, researchers, poets, artists and performers. Sharing our learning and our growth is important as we make connections to our community and the world.

Our Spring Book fair was a great success. So many readers all over the school were eager to dive into their new books. Thanks to our fantastic family volunteers for making this a happen.

Art Fair and Poetry Slam

The Art Fair and Poetry Slam showcased the talented artists and poets of CIS.

Process and Projects

Independent, long- term projects are an important part of our IB Programme. Learners participate in The Exhibition in Grade Five and Community Project in Grade Eight. Fifth Grade just kicked off Exhibition by brainstorming ideas and sharing their work and Eighth Graders completed their community project and informed others about their action, service and research.

Projects and Process

More reflection and action. Check out this student-created mindfulness set-up.

Welcome WAVE

We are so excited to start the WAVE peer mediation program. These MYP communicators have been trained to mediate conflicts and help everyone find peaceful solutions to problems.

Lots of Learning Everywhere

Mathematicians measuring and finding diameter, building and exploring with loose parts on the playground and learning from an author in the cafe. We spend every day communicating, thinking and gaining knowledge.