An important element of our IB programme is “taking action” with our learning. In the simplest terms, we know or learn about something or someone, we care and we further develop compassion for others and/or passion for learning and then we do something. That something can be big or small, visible or invisible – it might just be a change in thinking. Check out what we know, care about and do as we celebrate our passions and show compassion.

Working towards One Million Acts of Kindness

Celebrating Kindness Morning Meeting with a performance from our choir. Their singing fills the room with joy. We were at 1085 recorded acts of kindness and that number is increasing across the school.
Celebrating Living the Learner Profile in grades K-5.
Families met for leadership coffee and heard from one of our MYP students as we looked into the ways we are living our mission statement at Campus International. We also welcomed a visit from Mrs. Bechtel and some teachers from her school to share practices and learn from each other

How the World Works

Learning about How the World Works helps us know what to do to make the world a better place.

3rd grade scientists explore matter and energy and physical and chemical changes,
Researchers explore the behaviors and properties of solids. liquids and gases.
CSU students, MYP students and parents volunteered to help with experiments and exploration. Their kindness is appreciated.
Grade Four designers created models to show the changes in ecosystems and their effects. They also explored ways to address Climate Change.
First grade explores measurement in non-standard units to learn how to record observations and data with accuracy.
Exploring DNA in Grade 8.
Learning about our world inspires action. Researchers learned about Lake Erie and considered ways to keep our lake clean and healthy. MYP thinkers created communities and made plans to keep residents safe and healthy.
More research across grades with a focus on interdependence. Students learn that what we do affects others and our planet.

Where We are in Place and Time

We study where we are in place and time to explore history, civilizations and location. We learn form the past and plan for the future.

Grade One considers we we are in place and time and makes Stone Soup.
Grade One thinkers consider time and explore past, present and future.

More expression and action

Kindergarten writers think about what they are thankful for.
Grade One writers create songs about text features and share them with a release party.
These high -steppers show their dedication and talent with a performance and they build community through their big/ little sis program.
Dancers from The Cleveland Ballet performed some pieces from The Nutcracker and our young dancers in the CIS + Ballet programs shared their passion for dance.

Exploring literature and expressing ideas.

Great literature allows us to understand ourselves, others and the world. In MYP, our readers and writers analyze, evaluate and react to their reading as they build understanding and empathy.

6th grade thinkers consider their reading and the meaning of life;
8th grade readers and thinkers explore identity and the “danger of a single story” as they explore diversity and interconnectedness.

Expression, Joy and Kindness

Balloons Over Broadway inspired these ballon designs and parades.
Fun at recess with giant blocks and a life-size board game created by Linda Wood.
Celebrating kindness in Ms. Kovacs’ class. Look at all their acts of kindness and their fun celebration with classic board games.
More kindness in kindergarten with their mission to spread joy at CSU.
Grade 8 thinkers explore opportunities to make our neighborhood a more beautiful place with Campus District.
Lots of expression, planning and spreading joy as our young entrepreneurs plan for this year’s Holiday Shop.
In grade 8, Community Project is in all swing as our researchers collect infraction through surveys t make decisions about their action and service. There will many opportunities for our community to be involved in their efforts to help others in the community. See below for details.

Opportunities for Acts of Kindness- Help us get to one million

Our Kindergarten students are doing their pajama drive again with the help of grades 1 and 2- all families are welcome to donate

Two students are working with Holly Jackson to create a Wall of Love. Please consider donating. Learn more about the Wall of Love here.

“We need more kindness, more compassion, more joy, more laughter. I definitely want to contribute to that.”

– Ellen DeGeneres

Let’s keep our kindness and compassion going in little ways each day and consider participating in some of the efforts of our young people to spread joy and make the world a better place.


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