Inquiry and Action

Inquiry and action drive our learning at Campus International School. Curiosity and questioning are at the heart of our learning as students read, research and make connections while developing communication, social, thinking and self-management skills.

Tuning In and Finding Out

Grade Two thinkers read to gather information about their new unit and ask questions about their new unit.
Grade Two students make connections to what they already know.
Inquiry begins with finding out, gathering information and formulating new questions.

Sorting Out

Artists create and, reflect and respond in Art by creating their own art.
Thinking about mistakes in Grade Two and their role in learning.
Exploring communities in Grade One and identifying their features.
Categorizing, analyzing and grouping communities in Grade One.
Making connections to community members in Grade One.
Sharing our learning with Playhouse Square through dance and play.

Going Further with Action and Expression

Our Grade Eight learners take action speaking to the school board about waste in the cafe and organizing a “Mix-It Up” day in the cafe.
Applying and sharing learning ay Morning Meeting. Our orchestra shares the pieces they have been working on. One of our third graders shows his learning through a video.
Writing poems in Grade One after studying the work of Langston Hughes.
Exploring forma nd function in Kindergarten Math and showing what we learned.
Informing and reflecting in individuals and Societies.

Expression and Encouraging Action

Sharing what we with an encouraging thought on the MYP floor.
And trying to keep up the kindness.

Let’s celebrate reading this week!


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