CIS Blog- Home Edition

Here we are in our third week away from school and staying at home to keep healthy and safe. We are always thinking of each and every family in our Campus Community and appreciating everyone as teachers and parents work and teach at home. We also greatly appreciate all our community members who are at work out of the house everyday providing essential services. This is definitely a challenging time for all of us, but we will always take a little time to celebrate and recognize the great things happening in the CIS community.

Thinking Routines in Grade Three focused on their unit of inquiry.

Researching and reporting on near extinctions in Grade 3.

Getting creative in Kindergarten and Grade One.

Grade Two thinkers explore extreme weather by examining and discussing images.

Check out this gratitude journal and some greta ideas for books to read and share.

More work shared on Seesaw with thinking and creativity.

Creativity with this LEGO Drive-in.
Congratulations to one of our MYP students for winning the Silver Key Award in an Art competition.

Our community cares in so many ways

Spreading kindness and joy at home with a beautifully decorated door.
Th Pohl family has been hard at works making masks for UH and others.
Ms. English’s grandams models a mask and here is an example of the masks Mrs. Taylor is creating for a local physician’s office. Check out Mrs. Taylor’s pattern here.
Ms. Beers saying hi to her nieces while practicing social distance.
And a perfect message from one of our students.

Stay safe everyone. We miss you and think about you everyday! Check out the Resources page for links to teacher blogs and other useful info.

One more thing… Our neighbors at Norma Herr Women’s Center could use our support right now. If you are interested in learning more or donating follow the link. They accept monetary donations and also have an Amazon wish list.


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