Connection is one of the key concepts and during this unprecedented time we can explore, inquire about and appreciate our interconnected world. According to the IB connection is: The understanding that we live in a world of interacting systems in which the actions of any individual element affect others. Thinking about connection reminds us to continue to thank all those people who are keeping us safe and healthy. It reminds us of all of our roles in caring for each other by being apart and we can also appreciate all the ways are community has stayed connected even if we don’t see each other every day.

CIS Appreciates

Check out this thank you to essential workers.

Learning Connections

Our PYP learners have been busy on Seesaw and other platforms with writing. math vocabulary and much more.

MYP math investigating math and chocolate bunnies.

4th Grade Time Capsules

Grade 4 thinkers created these time capsules at the beginning of the year. Items from the capsule were delivered to each student this week.
A Grade One writer mailed writing to their teacher. First graders are also spending time listening to the Magic Treehouse Series and making butterflies with Ms. Cohen.
More learning at home with cooking, plantings vegetable garden and conducting Science investigations.
Art with pop- up books through Zoom and creative creating in grade 3.
So many ways to show our learning online and share.

Kindergarten Time Capsule.

STAY BALANCED at home with CIS Essentials. Find activities here.

Earth Day is this week

Earth Day is Wednesday. It is time to consider our connection to our planet and take action.

Thirds Grade thinkers are already becoming more knowledgeable about the Earth and thinking about action. Check out Earth Week From Home and and join us on celebrating and rprotecting our Earth through little actions everyday.

More ways to inquire

Check out Sustainable Cleveland an the Cleveland Tree Coalition


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