Better Together_ The Learner Profile

The IB Learner Profile is a part of who we are at Campus International School. We develop and practice the attributes every day. Read more about the Learner Profile below.

Inquiring and Balanced. These MYP students are outside investigating energy and they also got some time to just enjoy the sunshine.

These caring kids delivered notes of appreciation and a special treat. They use they actions to show their appreciation for others.

Inquiring and thinking on a neighborhood walk.

We spent some time inquiring and thinking about all the art around our neighborhood.

Open-minded and reflective

Exploring and reflecting upon who we are by creating identity maps. We also find the out new and unique things about each other, as well as what we have in common.

More on who we are and how we fit together

Reflective and Principled

Thinking about our Essential Agreements how we are practicing them. Essential Agreements help us work together.

Inquiring, thinking and becoming more and more knowledgeable

Learning the ways to be safe in the science lab.
Thinking in MYP Maths.

Balanced people.. balanced world

Thinking about what peace is in kindergarten.
Volunteering for jobs fro balance at home and in school.

Art and Identity



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