The Learner Profile

As an International Baccalaureate School, we are always working on the development of the Learner Profile.

At Campus International School we further define and practice with these attributes every day using a growth mindset. The beginning of a new school year is always a good time to review the attributes and start setting some goals.


Fourth grade wonders about the rights of churn as they begin their unit. In grade three, they recognize and honor all the questions our learners have as they enter a new grade and a new classroom. In MYP Language and Literature, they begin their unit thinking about a debatable question that inspires thinking about what it means to be PRINCIPLED.

What does it mean to be PRINCIPLED?

Principled learners at CIS kept action journals this summer. They worked on doing things that help to make the world a better place. They took responsibility for the environment by cleaning up litter and reusing instead of buying new. They act with integrity and caring by standing up for friends and helping out neighborhood pets with a bowl of water on a hot day. Principled people act with ” a sense of fairness and justice”. Action journals showed that we are caring for ourselves, others and the Earth.

Creating CARING classrooms and communities

Answering the question “How can we be caring?”
Caring community members across the school read and thought what it means to be caring; outlining ways to create a caring classroom and fill a bucket with kindness. Third graders and First graders took time to think about
the many ways they live the learner profile.

Thinkers work to solve problems.

Our scientists develop thinking skills in the lab. 4th graders write and think creatively and 3rd graders use systems thinking to solve problems. Thinking is the way we look at things in new ways and solve problems to make the world a better place. Mrs. Taylor’s math classroom reminds us of the important role of mathematics and the power of thinking to ” take responsible action on complex problems” as we become more knowledgeable.

Knowledge is power

Our learners become more knowledgeable as they learn writing strategies in Grade 5 and think about systems in Grade 3. Science students experiment and find out. In MYP leaners research and sort making connections. Knowledge is everywhere and we learn together.

An open-mind lets learning begin

This MYP Language and Literature classroom encourages open- mindedness as we “appreciate ourselves and others” and make connections.
Identity masks in MYP Individuals and Societies and Me Museums in Grade 2 help us appreciate ourselves and others. We learn and grow from exploring different views points. It can take courage to share our history, thoughts and beliefs with others.

Risk-takers are ready for a challenge.

Risk-takers try new things and take on challenges. 3rd graders are ready to grow as writers and created motivational graffiti to show they are “resilient in the face of challenges and change”. Second graders work cooperatively and communicate to share their independent work.

Communicators share learning

Communication is an essential part of all learning at Campus International School. Our MYP teachers collaborate with the Campus International High School teachers regularly. We make connections to our reading and to each other by listening to the perspective of others. In MYP Language and Literature readers and thinkers share their opinions with agreement or disagreement and explain. All of our classrooms record thinking in a visible way to share with the group.

Stay balanced

Balance plays an important role in life. MYP sculptures show a representation of balance. Students also write about the importance of balancing the physical , emotional and intellectual in our lives. Arts are balanced with academics in both Visual Art and Music. At Morning Meeting we appreciate each other and our interdependence. Our Second grade teachers show their creative side with a poem. We spend time reflecting on our learning.

Always be reflective.

Reflection is essential to learning and life. We reflect on our strengths and weaknesses and create goals to support our learning and development. Watch us reflect, question, learn, grow and work to try to make the world a better place!


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