Who We Are

Who We Are ( Identities and Relationships in MYP) is one of the six themes or contexts we inquire into every year. Learners explore identity; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human.

This week we will learn about and celebrate some of our staff as take a look at their classrooms and how they implement our IB curriculum. Join us for Open House on Wednesday to learn more and each week on the blog as we include a Teacher Feature each week.

Learning through Play

Ms. Dottore and her kindergarten learners are ready fo the Browns to win this week as they show their spirit. Her classroom is always full of smiling students engaged in play -based learning – building, drawing creating and PLAYING to learn and explore.

Alive with Inquiry

Mrs. Humphrey has been a part of our staff as Kindergarten teacher and now teachers Grade 2. Their classroom is alive with inquiry everyday. they started the year by inquiring about Mrs. Humphrey, something their are really interested in. They wondered about her summer and used evidence from photos to support their ideas.

Investigating everyday

Mrs. Arens has taken on a new role this year in the PYP Science Lab. She meets with our K-5 scientists each week to research and experiment as she supports Science learning in our units of inquiry. Mrs. Taylor’ s MYP Math students problem solve and investigate math in the real world. Make sure you follow her on Twitter. Ms. Glickman’s writers investigate the writing process and create personal narratives to explore identity.

Collaborate and Inquire

Mrs. Snyder conferences and collaborates with readers from second grade as they join her kindergarten class to read and celebrates the Cleveland Browns at recess. Mrs. Bubbett explores identity and encourages inquiry with fourth grade thinkers as he shares his own life with them
Dr.Kirby encourages our 5th graders to read closely and consider what community means Building community is important at our school . Students also explore kindness as a way to connect to others. Mrs. Dailey supports collaboration and community as PYP mathematicians explore pattern blocks.

More Identity and Fun

Ms. Johnson shares her identity map with the school and builds community and cooperation with a group game.
Ms. Outrich encourages creativity in Grade 4, as away to express herself through a personal timeline that encourages inquiry and investigation.

Teacher Feature. Welcome to some of our new staff- Mr. Herron and Ms. Coley

Some of our MYP students interviewed Mr. Herron this week. This is Mr. Herron’s 6th year teaching. He considers himself to be caring when he thinks about the attributes of the Learner Profile because he loves fellow humans and their authentic selves. This year he is working at embracing the globally – minded focus of the iB curriculum. Mr. Herron said he is “excited to witness the exceptional minds in front of me on a daily basis as they adapt to new knowledge, information and beliefs in an intricate world.” Mr. Herron keep busy in his spare time hiking, biking, camping and playing with his puppy Midge. He also enjoys singing with his nephews and visiting with other family and friends.

Miss Coley joins Campus International in Grade One. She went to the University of Mount Union and majored in Early Childhood Education with a minor in psychology and has been teaching in Cleveland for 3 years. She loves teaching First Grade and enjoys watching learners grow as readers and writers all year. When she thinks about the Learner Profile, she connects to the attribute of reflective because she always thinking about how she can improve. Miss Coley is working at being a risk-taker and being courageous as she tries new things. In her spare time she enjoys cycling and yoga.

Join us at Open House this Wednesday to meet our teachers, learn about curriculum and celebrate our learners.

Get to know our fifth graders when you look at their identity maps. These fifth graders took time to respond through post- its noting connections.

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