Communication and Community

Communication is a part of everything we do and sets the stage for all learning. Communication supports connections across our community. According to the IB, “we express ourselves confidently and creatively in more than one language and in many ways. We collaborate effectively; listening carefully to the perspectives of other individuals and groups.”

We started our week communicating with our community at Morning Meeting for Grades 3-5.

Our Fifth Grade Band performed, communicating through music. The music program at Campus International School provides many opportunities in the arts for musicians to play and perform. Mr. Levy leads the band as they develop skills and learn to communicate with each other and the audience.
More communication through music from Ms. Coley’s first grade class performing their class song. We also communicate through reading. One lucky student won this gift basket at the Family Picnic and Ms. Beers and Mrs. Grzelak shared the book Be Kind with the group.

Communicating in more than one language.

All learners in grades 3-5 practice Mandarin at least once a week. Communicating in another language is an important part of the IB program. These students practice conversations and learn essential agreements.
Second grade communicators learn their names in Arabic with the help of our MYP Arabic instructor, Mr Yassin Essaid.
Mr. Essaid also spent time working on names in Arabic.

The inquiry process begins with questions. we communicate using the language of wonder. asking good questions is where we begin.

Check out this Wall of Wonder. Featuring self-portraits of these inquirers and space for them to wonder and communicate questions, investigations and answers.

More communicating as we make our thinking visible.

Communicating our learning about systems and their purpose in Grade 3. Thinkers also proposed the need for better systems as they learn that creating systems and evaluating systems is important.
More communication with visible thinking. These researchers investigated the word citizen and citizens who changed systems to make the world a better place. . Citizens ” can change the world”.

Communicating in Grade 5

These communicators use writing to share their thoughts. They start with an organizer to help make their writing and message clear.
Grade 5 communication though dance with the help of Dancing Classrooms.

Make your Mark on Dot Day . Communicate your “creativity, courage and collaboration.

Grade Two celebrates Dot Day with creativity and communicating how they have and will “Make their mark” and make the world a better place.

Fathers, Families and Friends communicate and appreciate

Families and friends walked the block together.
Fathers and families spent time in classrooms.

Grade 8 speakers communicated with a tribute to dads and all those who care for us and serve as role models.

Living the Learner Profile in grades


These young people demonstrated and showed development of one of the attributes of the learner profile and were recognized by their teachers and peers at Morning Meeting.

As we think about communication and community, please join us for a dialogue on Equity and Inclusion. Sign up here.

And remember.

Your goal: Attend 10 events from the list below and receive a CIS passport stamp while there. Students with 10 stamps will be entered into a prize drawing!

Prizes will be awesome and  encourage staying physically active after school while being inspired to be involved in their community.

October 23: Student-Led Conferences 

October 29: Lit Fest

November: Campus High School Visit *Stamps will be given at Upper Campus

December: Holiday Concert Attendance (CSU’s Waetjen Hall)

January 20: MLK Day/National Day of Service *Share your act of service in passport book and receive a stamp on 1/21

February 18: Act of Kindness/Love *Share your act of kindness in passport book and receive a stamp on 2/18 

March 14: Art Fest

April 22: Student-Led ConferencesMay TBD: CIS Family Picnic (Upper Pavilion Edgewater Park)


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