This week we explore connections across the school and community. Connection is an important concept in PYP and MYP. In PYP, connection is defined as the “understanding that we live in a world of interacting systems in which the actions of any individual element affect others.”

Open House

Open House on Wednesday was an opportunity to connect with families and staff. We continue to celebrate our 10 year anniversary making connections to our history and future. Our t-shirts help tell our story. We had “vintage” Campus t-shirts from previous years and events along with the two new designs in grey and blue.
Teachers shared information and made connections to the IB program. Families learned more about the Learner Profile and International- Mindedness, along with our key concepts and the importance of taking action with what we have learned.
Our Grade 5 team focused on action as they discussed The Exhibition in Grade 5. Our teachers shared information about themselves and their subject and made connections between school and the world.
Mrs. Miles, our Design teacher highlighted the connection between the Design cycle and solving real world problems. MYP teachers also shared the MYP assessment system which connects to our focus on growth as learners move through our IB program.
In PYP Visual Art, Ms. Cohen created centers for families to connect with the art created every day in her classes. Each project illustrates a connection to our PYP Units of Inquiry.
Ms. Arens, in the PYP Sciences Lab, shared stations that explored Science connections.

Communication and Connection

In Grade 3 families and teachers connected to students by leaving letter on their desk to read on Thursday morning.
Grade 5 writers make connections between writing and life -creating personal narratives that focus on small meaningful moments that connect authors and readers. These authors also make connections between their work through reflection and discussion.
First grade writers make connections to their unit of inquiry through writing.
Our second grade poets creatively connect to each other by sharing about themselves through these beautiful” I am” poems.
More connection between attitudes, choices and relationships

We are all connected.

Kindergarteners and families show connections between each other and how we are connected to each other and can “fill a bucket” with kind words, actions and smiles.

Math and in the real world

MYP students connect probability to games and winning.

Questions connect our learning to our own experience and interest

Questions are everywhere in the Science Lab.
Questions are connected to answers through investigations and experiments.

Connecting to the Learner Profile

Connecting to courage and principled people when reading “Freedom on the Menu: the Greensboro Sit-ins.”
Living the Learner Profile in Grades One and Two. These students were recognized for their development and demonstration of the attributes of the Learner Profile.
In Grades One and Three, thinkers made connections between themselves and the Learner Profile and the characters and historical figures they are reading about. Grade Two communicators are sending post cards out to different states to make connections around the United States.
These fourth grade entrepreneurs are creating connections between organization.thinking, planning and getting stuff done as they create their own business and design clothes.

We are all connected

Kindergarten chefs made Friendship salad to show our connections to each other in our school community.
Our CSU connection brought members of the men’s basketball team to play ball at recess.
Community connections at the Family Picnic on Friday. The first event celebrating our 10 Year Anniversary. This was the first opportunity to get 10 YEAR passports stamped. See details about passports below.

Your goal: Attend 10 events from the list below and receive a CIS passport stamp while there. Students with 10 stamps will be entered into a prize drawing!

September 13: CIS Family Picnic (Upper Pavilion Edgewater Park)

October 23: Student-Led Conferences 

October 29: Lit Fest

November: Campus High School Visit *Stamps will be given at Upper Campus

December: Holiday Concert Attendance (CSU’s Waetjen Hall)

January 20: MLK Day/National Day of Service *Share your act of service in passport book and receive a stamp on 1/21

February 18: Act of Kindness/Love *Share your act of kindness in passport book and receive a stamp on 2/18 

March 14: Art Fest

April 22: Student-Led ConferencesMay TBD: CIS Family Picnic (Upper Pavilion Edgewater Park)


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