Kindness Counts

We started our week with K-5 Morning Meeting and a visit from Mr. Bob and Bogart from One Million Acts of Kindness. We were all inspired to be more kind after hearing their journey and message.

Mr. Bob and Bogart spend time traveling and spreading their message in this “Kindness Bus” full of inspiring words.
It was great to hear form Mr. Bob and Bogart and see so many parents at Morning Meeting.
Kindness spreads and a smile spreads. When we remember to be kind it spreads to others and soon kindness is everywhere.

Sharing their talents and sending a kind message of appreciation to Mrs. Pohl. These 5th graders wrote and performed parodies about their love for orchestra and Mrs.Pohl.

Kind and Caring Classrooms

We are already on our way to One Million Acts of Kindness at CIS. One of our 4th grade action takers is collecting for Socktober again this year. Please donate socks to those in need. Boxes are located on the first, second and third floor. Fifth grade cares about our environment and climate change. They started with spreading awareness and we can’t wait to see what they will do next. A third grader explains what her class has been doing to collect and record acts of kindness.

Collecting Kindness

Look at all the kind acts in Ms. Kovacs class. They have already recorded close to 200.
More kindness from Ms. Kovacs’ class. This caring classroom planned a surprise for Ms. Johnson’s class and delivered cards, caring messages and a treat. Now “They’re It!” and it is their turn to pass some kindness on.

Kindness counts thoughout the school as we collect kind acts and fill buckets.

Peace and kindness go together and speaking giraffe helps us communicate kindly. A Campus International High School student remembers speaking giraffe.

Learning about our world through current events and planning ways to make our world a more peaceful place.

CNN 10 keeps us informed and helps us understand.

TIME for kids is another way we learn about our world. Action is informed by knowledge.

Community discussion and collaboration

Parents and teachers meet for a discussion on equity and inclusion. Listening and responding with an open-mind.

Planning for the “perfect world”

Grade 8 Language and Literature students read the Giver and plan a Utopia, using critical thinking and creativity.


We ended our week celebrating smiles on World Smile Day and celebrating kindness as we shared smiles and they multiplied. Kindness spreads quickly and can start with a smile.


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