Working Together and being BALANCED

Collaboration and working together are important parts of our IB programme . We collaborate with open-minds to inquire, learn and achieve our goals. This week we worked together on many things, including raising funds to support our school through the Dance- A -Thon. We stayed balanced as we worked, played and experienced our connection to others.

Celebrating K-2 students “Living the Learner Profile”. We grow and develop in the Learner Profile attributes and work toward becoming internationally minded.
Sharing acts of kindness, singing and moving together as we stay balanced and celebrate a new week at Campus International School.

Continuing to collect kindness

Classrooms are noticing and documenting kindness all over the school. This yearlong effort is off to a great start.

In kindergarten there are so many ways that we are kind and caring.

We change as we learn and we take action. Together we can make the world better.

Third grade thinkers spend their recess creating posters to track our progress toward One Million Acts of Kindness.
A grade 3 artist made this beautiful container to hold cafe raffle tickets. More promoting kindness through art. Third grade thinkers made flash cards to practice and created a recycling club.
Promoting kindness on the playground with chalk messages.

Inquiring and thinking together

Creatively crafting solutions to conflicts and problems in Grade 2.

Inquiring and exploring environments and thinking about how we can help.

Collecting questions and finding answers.
Investigating and exercising in PYP Science Lab. How does the length of a rope affect the number of jumps per minute?
Learning about each other through interviews and recording in Seesaw.
Coding together in a Kindergarten and Grade 5 partnership.

Balance and cooperation

Campus International Soccer team working together for a win and headed to the playoffs.
More teamwork and some balance at the end of the week with the CIS teachers softball team.
Learning with CSU students form the Athletic Department with some reading and discusion.

Dance – A -Thon

Check out the slideshow above to see all the fun at the annual Dance- A – Thon on Friday. We danced together and raised funds to support classrooms and activities at Campus. We were at $14, 750 on Friday and hope to raise $25,000. You can still donate here.


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