This week at CIS

Another great week at Campus International School. Check out everything that is happening. We started our week with 3-5 Morning Meeting.

The Fifth Grade Band played. Their commitment has payed off. Congratulations to all the student pictured above for “Living the Learner Profile”.

We continue to collect kindness.

We document our kind acts around the school and continue to pass random acts of kindness around the school.
Third grade thinkers work to create a system to keep track of all our kind acts as we work toward One Million.

Looking at Units of inquiry

Fifth grade explores interdependence and uses thinking routines to document their questions, thinking and learning.
More interdependence and design as MYP students design island and create innovations to survive.
More Design fun and creativity with sho design.

First grade explores communication and connection.

First grade inquirers ask questions about art and expression and explore the many ways we communicate.
More communication with emojis.
Expression and communication. What makes you a Crankenstein?

Thinking, practicing and reflecting.

We work hard every day and know that learning and developing skills takes time.
Thinking in MYP Maths.
Reflecting in MYP Maths and planning for growth.

Kindergarten shows creativity

Kindergarten creatively shows the ways they “live the learner profile.”

Campus Connections

Campus International High School students stopped by to volunteer and worked on math games with our 4th graders.
3rd graders read with a high school buddy.
High school and middle school boys met and discussed planning fo success in high school and beyond.
High School and Middle School connections – making art and and making connections.

Remember Student Led Conferences on Wednesday

Lit Fest and Book Fair on Saturday!

Lit Fest will be full of fun and our fourth grade authors will be sharing their work!

Who: 4th Grade Writers + Friends and Families

What: “Open Mic” Personal Narrative Share + Book Display 

When: Lit Fest Saturday, October 26th 1:00-4:00

Where: CIS Balanced Cafe 

Why: Students will celebrate their hard work and commitment by sharing personal narrative stories to family and friends! 

*If you plan to share out at Lit Fest, please let your teacher know by Friday. Books will be on display in the cafe 1:00-4:00, regardless of Lit Fest attendance. Participation is encouraged, but not mandatory.


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