Expression and Action

We continue to explore the them How We Express Ourselves and the ways in which we reflect on, extend, and enjoy our creativity. (

This week we we were constantly creative with an MYP Talent Show, Book Character Day and more. Our creativity and action also highlights all the ways we continue to grow and show attributes of the Learner Profile. Our actions show who we are and what we’ve learned.

Exploring expression and connections through culture

Grade One thinkers and communicators think about culture an expression and share their work with others as they explore diversity and connections.
Communication allows us to connect with others. These grade One communicators make their learning and thinking visible as they express who they are.


Our young people in MYP spent time with Brian Anthony from the Diversity Center. This MYP Assembly explored labels and stereotypes. This experience also kicked off our year-long connection with the Diversity Center to start an MYP student group focused on diversity, equity and inclusion. THANK YOU to Piet Van Lier and the CIS Equity and Inclusion group who organized funding and made this event and future work with the Diversity Center possible.

Action, Exploration and creativity

Kindergarten investigators working and thinking as they make “webs” that can balance a spider.
More investigating in kindergarten as they identify the life cycle of a pumpkin and ask questions about our world. Kindergarteners also explore the connections readers make.
More investigating and exploring as grade 5 inquires into changes in ecosystems and explores causation and interconnectedness in food webs.
Our environment and change appears again in Grade Two. These researchers use informational text to find information and draw conclusions. The concept based curriculum in our programme helps learners connect and transfer knowledge.
Grade Four identifying and thinking about text features and their role in building understanding.

Celebrating Books and the Learner Profile

Horton Hears a Who and discovers a new world on a speck of dust. #open-minded
I am Peace thinking about mindfulness. #balanced #caring
Ida Twist Scientist . #inquirer
More characters and more examples of Living the Learner Profile.

There were so many thoughtful and creative characters.

MYP’s Got Talent

Check out all these unique talents. The Disney Club Crew with great costumes, an original rap, the art of pen-tapping and a duet. So much energy and creativity.
Instrumental performances highlighted our musicians and a rubrics cube record was set!
Mr. Herron joined in for an enthusiastic cheer.
Thanks to our creative guest judges and this team who planned, organized and took action by hosting our first MYP Talent Show.

Expression and action

Check out our courageous and creative thinker, Logan Greer and her beautiful poem. She recited her poem at the Anisfield Wolf Book Awards las month. Watch her read and learn about the awards here.

Another great week full of fun and smiles.

Ms. Kovacs class collecting kindness. They are already at 507 acts of kindness. The school os working towards One Million by the end of the year.

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