Collaboration and Knowledge

We are knowledgeable and we collaborate to share what we know, we learn through listening and gain deeper understanding. According to the IB,

We develop and use conceptual understanding, exploring knowledge across a range of disciplines. We engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.


Starting the week with some celebrations and collaboration at Morning Meeting.

These K-2 learners are knowledgeable about the Learner Profile and live it everyday.
Some of our older students shared their knowledge and their collaborative skills. A group performed Baby Shark and anther student shared her language skills by teaching us some Greek words and phrases. Mr. Morris collaborates with a second grade photographer to capture important moments.
These second grade readers shared their thoughts and costumes as they prepared to celebrate the book Crenshaw. They planned themed activities together after finishing the book.

Campus staff collaborates across the community.

Our staff spent election day learning, thinking and planning. Dr. Berkman, former president of CSU, joined in the celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary to share the story of our school from it’s beginning- when it was just an idea. We spent the rest of our day reading, reflecting and creating. Some of our staff were able to join IB educators from the Cleveland area to explore concept-based teaching and learning. It was a great week of collaboration.

Grade 8 and the transition to high school.

Eighth graders and families gathered to learn more about Community Project and the annual trip to Washington DC. We were also joined by some thinkers and communicators from the high school as they shared information and experiences from Campus International High School. Many of them mentioned Theory of Knowledge as a favorite class. This class is one of the components of the IB Diploma Programme and provide scholars the opportunity to “reflect on the nature of knowledge”. Not just what we learn – but how do we know what we know.

Collaboration leads to knowledge.

MYP mathematicians in grade 7, are taking samples from a population of 150 pennies and creating and comparing dot plots. In grade 6, mathematicians are working to match graphs, equations and tables.
Kindergarteners collaborate and learn through investigations of living things and the natural world.
MYP sculptors use their study of form and technique to create wire sculptures.
Maya, in grade 6, used her extra time, knowledge fo sculpture and passion for animals to create and sell these wire turtles. She will donate the profits to the World Wildlife Fund.

Caring and collaborating K- 8

Spreading kindness to CSU students with a letter and some caring words.
MYP collects kindness in the Kindness Compendium. Students take the compendium for a week and complete and record as many random acts of kindness as they can. Kindness- Week One !!!
Collaborating with kindness and cleaning up to create a calm and clean school.
Dance team collaborate with kindness. They practiced together and new girls received gold bows as a little surprise as they had a “Big and Little Sis” lunch.

Another great week full of learning TOGETHER!


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