Celebrating the semester

The last week of our first semester was full of excitement as we celebrated and prepared for break. We hope everyone had a peaceful break and we are ready to begin 2020.

The last week at school in December was packed with activity and community. It started with morning meeting.

Poets and writers from the CIS+ program that meets after school shared their writing.
Some of our Grade 8 action takers planned a spirit week to help raise money for their annual Washington DC Trip.
Kindergarten and first grade dancers performed their beautiful fan dance. They practiced and practiced during their recess to perfect this dance.
Our Winter Music Program showcases our musicians and singers.
Sprit Week celebrations included multiples.
Community Project came to an end for some of our 8th graders who used their project as an opportunity to make a change at our school. More projects will begin in January and all their hard work will be celebrated in March.

Inquiry in Action

Our learners went on field trips and wrapped up inquiries as the semester ended and they pulled their learning together and presented it to the group.

2nd grade field trip learning through play.
Grade 5 went to the Money Museum and met the author of Danny Dollar as a part of their inquiry. Our young entrepreneurs planned businesses and created business plans.
3rd grade investigators continued to experiment with matter and energy at home and shared their findings with groups using graphs and charts.
More investigating and presenting in MYP Maths.

We continue to express ourselves and our learning in many ways.

Kindergarten students share their learning about expression, celebrations and traditions.
Our dance team performed at lunches and spread some holiday cheer.
Second grade performed a series of short plays and we learned a bit about economics.
MYP talent show winners celebrated with some Bubble Tea and these students celebrated birthdays with ice cream.
Ending the week with pajama and comfy clothes day made the last day so much fund and very comfortable.

Continuing with kindness

Second grade’s attitude of gratitude spread joy around the school.
Continuing to keep kindness as a priority.
We are continuing to collect Random Acts of Kindness. We are still working our way to One MIllion. We can make it happen in 2020.

Welcome 2020!

Silly shoes day!

Let’s step into 2020 with kindness, commitment and creativity! See you on Tuesday!

School resumes January 7, 2020


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