Happy New Year!!!

Welcome 2020! Many of our thinkers spent time reflecting and setting goals for 2020.

In grade 3 and 4 there were many academic goals to become more knowledgeable, as well as plans to stay balanced with a healthy lifestyle.
Kindergarten and Grade One set big goals little goals as they head into 2020.
Reflection and action in Grade Three. Many readers are planning to do more reading.

What’s your word for 2020?

Confidence, kindness and honesty are important in Grade Two for 2020.
Some students in Grade Three considered the Approaches to learning as they created goals.
More Approaches to Learning as goals in Grade 4. Our learners will work on consider the perspectives of others, self-management and research skills.

Inspiration from Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Grade Eight writers busy creating books to read and share with our PYP learners.
Grade Two listeners, readers and writers enjoyed the work of our eighth graders. Each story had an important message.

More reading fun!

A “Book Tasting” in Grade four helped readers pick their next novel.

Citizens of the world at Model UN

Teacher goals in 2020

Teachers explored 3D Learning on Monday building new understanding and thinking deeply about teaching and learning.

The New Year is a great time to review Essential Agreements

And as Always… Kindness Counts in 2020.


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