100 Days of School

This week our kindergarten learners celebrated 100 days of school. This is a good time to t reflect about 100 days of thinking, learning and taking action. It is also a great time to look forward and set goals for the rest of the school year.

Kindergarten thinkers and mathematicians celebrate 100 in many ways.

More thinking about 100!

100 Days of thinking and learning are visible across the school. Our mathematicians in Grade 3 observed and recorded arrays around town. They also practiced multiplication grouping and found many patterns. Math is everywhere!

We are knowledgeable and creative and we make time to think and play.

Reading and writing in Grade 5.
Creating games in Grade 4.

Where we Are in Place and Time- thinking about 100 days, history as we learn about this century and centuries past.

Design thinking in MYP and kindergarten. Our kindergarteners explore using light to create shadows and MYP thinkers design spaces.
A field trip to the History Center in Grade One – learning about then and now.
Exploring world religions in Grade 6 Individuals and Societies and creating scrolls to share learning.
Exploring movement in the past and today in grade 4.

100 days in the Science lab and the kitchen

100 days of Science investigations in the lab. MYP students move from station to station inquiring and creating.
Cooking fun in MYP CAS, making fettuccine and smoothies.

One hundred days of Math and Design

Grade 7 Math students explore surveys and representations.
Grade 3 works with area and Grade 4 mathematicians work with tape diagrams.

Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

Looking forward to the rest of the year and working towards more kindness each day.

Kindness Club offering a message of cheer to anyone who needs it!

And our 100 year old Kindergarten learners.


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