Collaboration and Community

Collaboration is an important part of what we do. Learners across the school worked together, listened, learned and made decisions.

Collaboration, Voice and Action

Thinkers in grades 4-8, met with Ms. Beers and others as part of a “Principal’s Advisory” to review current policies or practices that may need some revising. Staff and students collaborated to define the problem using a protocol where they all had a voice and a chance to listen to others. They also created new policies and consequences for breaking the policy. 
Sewing and working together in MYP to help animals in Australia.
MYP visual artists using sewing skills and create designs with a message.

Community projects in Grade 8 provide opportunities to work with community members and take action in both our school and community to make the world a better place

Many of our 8th graders are interested in the environment and climate change. They are taking action throughout our school by repurposing lunch trays and creating art and making it easier to recycle paper by eliminating the possibility of adding garbage to the recycling bin as part of their design project.
Representatives from the Office of Sustainability spoke with many of our groups to help brainstorm ideas to promote recycling at our school.
8th grade artists collaborated with community members to create art to display in our school and visited a local artist’s studio.

Our Grade 4 learners collaborate with parents to explore immigration through personal stories.

Parents and students shared stories on immigration in Grade 4.
Inquirers learned about culture, geography and enjoyed some favorite recipes.

Living the Learner Profile

Students in Grades K-2 that are Living the Learner Profile.

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