Communication is the key

As we finish another week of learning from home we continue to explore new ways of communicating. Some of us may be using zoom for our school work and visiting friends and family through FaceTime. Maybe we are writing more. We are sharing through online platforms, instead of face to face discussion. The method has changed, but we still communicate with an open- mind and share learning as we gain perspective and understanding.

Working Online

Learners use Seesaw to communicate their learning form a virtual field trip to the Zoo.
Online notes are a great way to share thoughts with your teacher, family and friends.

We may not be together, but we can still have fun:)

Communicating through comedy.
Check out this joke from Ms. Coley.
Our second grade teachers may not be able to meet in the classroom everyday, but their Bitmojis can join you to make puzzles or pancakes.
Ms. Kovacs’ Bitmoji is out and about and ready to read, cook or take on a dance challenge.

The PYP Exhibition has gone virtual

PYP Exhibition takes place every year in Grade Five. It is an opportunity for learners to consolidate knowledge and practice the skills developed throughout their years at CIS. The experience provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate agency and responsibility for their learning and engage in an in-depth, collaborative inquiry. We usual end with presentations at school. This year, we are all risk-takers as we try something new and will share presentations online. Check out the work below as students explore and communicate their passions and interests to decide on topics.

Learners make connections to themes and the central idea.
Our inquirers show their organization they explore the IB themes.

Communication and appreciation

Teachers + Staff will be lined up (6ft apart!) in the parking lot while your family drives through the lot. Stay in your car, gives waves and air hugs to our wonderful, caring CIS staff.

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