A Week of Appreciation

We are all feeling very appreciated after last week. Last week, we celebrated teachers, nurses, administrators and all of our staff for their hard work all year and especially over the past two months. In the words of Ms. Beers, “We should feel really proud of the incredible community that we have all built.” There are so many ways that we celebrate and appreciate this caring community.

Our families showed appreciation and creativity in many ways. All staff received a gift bag. This beautiful online message and chalk drawing were a great thank you.

Thank You Parade

Thanks to the PCO for organizing an awesome event last Thursday with our first “Reverse Parade” and thanks to all the staff and families who came out to appreciate each other. It was so nice to see everyone:) It was truly an amazing event!

Thanks to a third grader and his family for being the DJs at this event. It was great to see so many cars full of families with kind words and teachers with decorated cars and signs too.
Some special gifts to some lucky second graders. We are always encouraging inquiry and the garden in a great place to explore.
So many creative signs of appreciation everywhere.
We are still growing as we develop the learner profile and remembering to stick our neck out for others just like the giraffe.
The giraffe, the animal with the biggest heart, also reminds us to be caring and kind.
So many showed appreciation for their teachers!
Teachers and student miss each other and we are still remembering the Essential Agreements. They apply at school and at home:)
Safely saying, “Thank you” and “We miss you!”
It was so nice to see everyone sharing signs and spreading joy.
More joy and more appreciation,
IB Rocks and so does CIS!

Appreciating all the Learning at Home

Exploring then and now.
Sharing creative writing and thinking.
Exploring timelines and fact and opinion.

Special guests join classroom meetings

In Grade Four, teachers brought some of the yearly Columbus trip to Zoom. Representative Howse from the Ohio House and Justice Stewart form the Ohio Supreme Court visited with Grade Four and answered questions. In Grade Three Deandre Arnold visited Ms. Kovacs class and shared his story and activism.

Learning through play

Parents are always also teachers, but even more so now and they are appreciated for their many roles. Check out this resource from the IB for ideas on Inquiry through Play to support parents and families.

And we all feel just like Ms. English did on this day months ago in the cafe. We are lucky to be a part of this community.

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